Lady Gaga unveils her ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ single ‘Hold My Hand’

Top Gun Maverick

Lady Gaga has just dropped her single for Top Gun: Maverick and clearly understood the assignment. “Hold My Hand” is a thumping piano-led power ballad with major big hair vibes, with Gaga giving her impressive pipes a full workout.

Check it out for yourself:

The song is going down a storm in the comments, with a consensus building that we’ll see Lady Gaga nominated for yet another Best Original Song Oscar at the 2023 awards. At the very least, it’ll be worth sticking around for the Top Gun: Maverick credits to hear this played through a theater sound system.

Gaga herself said this was a labor of love:

The long-awaited sequel will touch down in theaters later this month after an exceptionally long gestation. The initial shoot took place way back in 2018, with it planned for release in summer 2019. Then, after some test screenings, they realized the flight sequences needed more pizzaz and went ahead with extensive reshoots.

Then COVID hit, and the movie was promptly put on the back burner for two long years. Now that wait is finally over, Tom Cruise will be rocketing back onto the big screen as Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who’s charged with training a new group of hot young pilots, with Val Kilmer’s Iceman now an Admiral overseeing the project. Expect big egos, hi-octane action, and the most ludicrously expensive death-dealing vehicles the military-industrial complex can conceive of.

Sure, this movie might be propaganda for spending billions on fighter jets that will almost certainly never be used in combat, but on the other hand, they look really cool, so who’s to say what’s good or bad?

Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters on May 27.