The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson Praises Solo: A Star Wars Story


For fans of all things that hail from that galaxy far, far away, February has certainly been a very good month. After waiting for what felt like forever to see something, anything from Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm blew the lid right off the upcoming Anthology pic, flooding the web with trailersphotos, posters and more, all in the hope of drumming up excitement for a project that’s had a pretty rocky ride up until now. And admittedly, the studio’s done a fairly good job in turning the tide.

Though there are still those who’re not too keen on the pic, with a portion of the fanbase feeling like no one can play the titular hero but Harrison Ford, a lot of people are beginning to turn towards Solo with a sense of cautious optimism, hoping that Lucasfilm can pull off another thrilling Anthology movie in the vein of Rogue One.

And now, here to convince us that we’re in for something special is none other than Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Speaking to in a recent interview, the filmmaker told fans to expect a fun and funny ride.

“I think it looks so beautiful. I can’t wait for people to see more of the film – it’s so fun, it’s so funny. The cast is so charismatic, and I think they all just did a great job with it.”

Given Johnson’s close ties to the franchise, it’s not like he would dare shower Solo in anything but praise no matter what his thoughts were on the film. But still, hearing how excited he is about it is certainly encouraging and has us hoping that maybe, just maybe, the spinoff was able to pull through its troubled production relatively unscathed. I mean, Rogue One faced a similar situation as well and look how it turned out.

Obviously, much of the movie’s success will hinge on the performance Alden Ehrenreich gives in the lead role. If he can win over the skeptics, Solo: A Star Wars Story might just stand a chance. Either way, though, we’ll find out soon enough how it fares, as Ron Howard’s pic is set for release on May 25th.