‘Last Night in Soho’ accused of plagiarizing ‘Scooby-Doo’ online

It hasn’t been too long since Last Night in Soho was released in October 2021 to some pretty rave reviews. Even Stephen King himself recommended the horror film to fans because he thought it was so special. But what if the film simply copied its story from an old Scooby-Doo movie?

This is what one Reddit user claimed happened, going so far as to say that Last Night in Soho “plagiarized its whole story” from Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island which released twenty-three years earlier in 1998.

Warning: There are some spoilers for both movies ahead.

The user, who goes by u/KLJonnes on Reddit, discussed some of the similarities of both films in his post to /r/Horror which now has over one thousand two hundred upvotes and over one hundred comments.

“You’re meant to believe that the real monsters are the zombies in the same way that these faceless men who are haunting Eloise are the villains of the story. That is until it’s revealed that these people weren’t trying to harm them but to warn them of who the real villains were.

They were in fact the victims of the actual killers, who were the unsuspected person that lead them into a place to stay. Both the zombies and the faceless men weren’t trying to approach them (Eloise and the Scooby Gang) to murder them but to ask for help as they’re stuck in life as a ghost until their killers were discovered guilty.”

KLJonnes didn’t stop there either, going into even further detail on how the stories of both movies were eerily similar.

“Even the fact that these ghosts weren’t just victims but also caused harm to the people that killed them, in Soho they slept with someone who didn’t had a choice to and in Scooby Doo they were guilty of killing a group of settlers who lived in the island 200 years before the movie, you’re meant to take that the twist villain weren’t exactly wrong in their motivation but as time passed they got lost in their wrongdoing and it started to lost the meaning of why they had done it.

It doesn’t even stop there as you also have the main character in both movies, Eloise and Velma, suspect of someone, the old guy and the gardener from the mansion, but they not only turn out to be innocent but cops in both movies.”

There are even more details on the similarities between Last Night in Soho and Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island in the original post. What do you think of these similarities? Is it really on par with plagiarism as the Reddit user complained? Sound off in the comments.