Latest Fantasy News: Hasbro faces a potential lawsuit over DnD as viewers grow increasingly convinced Dwayne Johnson was in ‘The Way of Water’ 

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam Trailer
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Dwayne Johnson has starred in more than 60 film and television projects over the years, so it’s no wonder people sometimes get confused.

The wrestler turned actor has dipped his toes into a number of high-profile franchises, but Avatar isn’t one of them. Despite this fact, a number of viewers are convinced the star had a cameo in the latest Avatar release, and they won’t be easily persuaded otherwise. 

He’s not set to grace Pandora with his presence anytime soon, but Johnson could make an appearance in a number of popular fantasy franchises. Over on Netflix, Wednesday season two is already searching for some new additions to the cast. The show will need a new headmaster for its second season and, while we don’t necessarily think the Rock will suit the role, we do have someone in mind who might.

Several months ahead of the official release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, the company behind the mega-popular tabletop roleplaying game could face a lawsuit. A petition aims to reestablish creator rights, against Hasbro’s wishes, and could lead to a class-action lawsuit.

Viewers refuse to accept that the Rock wasn’t in Avatar: The Way of Water

Dwayne Johnson has yet to venture into Pandora, the fictional world at the core of James Cameron’s Avatar franchise, but good luck convincing the internet of that. Viewers caught a glimpse of a Johnson lookalike in the background of a scene from The Way of Water, and quickly drenched the web in theories about Johnson’s involvement in the film. 

Hasbro faces lawsuits over DnD

Chris Pine and Rege Jean Page in-character for ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’
Image via Paramount Pictures.

Hasbro, the overarching company behind mega-popular tabletop fantasy Dungeons and Dragons, is cracking down on third-party creators, and people aren’t pleased. In the past, outside creators have largely been free to make a profit from their entirely original DnD content, but Hasbro aims to change that. This decision led to instant backlash and the rise of a popular petition aiming to sue Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast in an effort to maintain creator rights. The petition has already collected nearly 1,000 signatures, and more are flooding in by the minute.

Eva Green could level up Wednesday season two

Gwendoline Christie absolutely dazzled as Principal Weems in Wednesday’s first season, but the potential need for a recasting has fresh faces on fans’ minds. We’d like to pitch Eva Green— of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children fame —as a stellar pick for the role. She’s got experience in similar roles, and has just the presence to flawlessly match Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday.