Latest Halloween Casting Call Points To A Famous Sanitarium


You’ve heard of it, haven’t you? Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium? It’s the fictional psychiatric hospital where Michael Myers was incarcerated for killing his little sister in Halloween, thus spawning a horror legacy that continues to enthrall fans to this day.

Case in point: David Gordan Green’s all-star reboot. Scheduled to arrive on October 19th of this year – how very fitting – the Halloween sequel heralds the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. She’s now a loving grandmother, with Judy Greer and Andi Matichak expected to play Karen Strode and the film’s young lead, respectively.

That’s exciting in and of itself, as it ensures 2018’s Halloween will be a multi-generational affair. But according to a newly-uncovered casting call, Green’s follow-up, one which ignores all other sequels in favor of John Carpenter’s original, is headed to Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium.

As reported by Project Casting (h/t Bloody Disgusting), the intel reveals that David Gordan Green is in need of “criminally insane patients” for tomorrow’s shoot. The casting call also specifies that Green is on the lookout for “one African American and Hispanic Male,” though exactly how they’ll filter into the story is really anyone’s guess at this point.

Still, the mere mention of “criminally insane patients” leaves us feeling cautiously optimistic that Halloween will feature the infamous Sanitarium in some shape or form – either through flashback or a tense scene involving Myers…or both.

It won’t be too long before we get some answers, of course, as Halloween has now begun filming after a short, last-minute delay. October 19th is the date for your diaries, folks, which places David Gordan Green’s “very scary” sequel in the company of Venom (October 5th).