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Latest Horror News: A superior supernatural horror snatches worthy sequel after only being out for 2 weeks while a shark epic is set to receive a theatrical release

We're definitely ready for spooky season.

Photo via The Asylum Productions

Slither back in and gather around with your spookiest stories for another fear-tastic Friday, all you ghosts and ghouls! Now that August has finally appeared on the calendar, we’re officially on our way to the spookiest time of the year with a plethora of genre goodies already roaring down the pipeline. As to be expected, we’ve got our microscopes ready and we’re definitely ready to examine this pool of latest news in today’s weekly horror roundup right here at We Got This Covered. From a superior supernatural horror quickly snatching up a sequel to a shark epic set to make its theatrical debut, there’s a large collection of news to be excited about.

So, before you skyrocket your interest in the upcoming lineup of pumpkin spice everything, feast your eyes on the latest updates in the spooky realm.

An unforgettable shark epic is about to swim towards its theatrical debut

Photo via The Asylum Productions

Without a single doubt, everybody remembers exactly where they are the moment Syfy’s Sharknado premiered on television a decade ago. As one of the most bonkers shark features of all time, the creators behind the jaw-dropping experience are bringing the film to theaters as a way to celebrate its 10th anniversary. As a result, the release is set to mark the first time the interactive movie has ever played in theaters — and with the scorching hot horror summer already ablaze, then it’s perfectly fitting for Sharknado to jump back into the public spotlight.

After only 2 weeks in theaters, Talk to Me is on course for a sequel

Talk To Me
Photo via A24

After only being in theaters for a few weeks, the terror and hype around Australian horror Talk to Me has sparked the movement for a worthy sequel to happen. And when you sit back and realize how influential and impactful the movie on its own has been thus far, then it’s clear that a mind-numbing sequel is only going to perplex our minds even further. Of course, horror fanatics likely wish the sequel would happen by this year’s spooky season, but with Talk to Me only releasing in July, maybe we shouldn’t be too greedy.

The Last Voyage of Demeter becomes a pit of memes thanks to the internet

the last voyage of the demeter
Image via Universal

Fresh on the heels of A24’s Talk to Me arriving in theaters, the horror summer box office continues to rear its head as The Last Voyage of Demeter officially releases in theaters today. But like with anything else, the horror film has already found its own meme pit on the internet — which has earned the movie Morbius-esque comparisons despite not being in the theaters for more than a week yet.

Sink your teeth back here next Friday, Dracula fiends, for a fresh-faced horror roundup.

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