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Latest Horror News: New eye-popping ‘Wednesday’ image ignites excitement while James Wan makes a powerful comparison

Hold on tight, because Wednesday is coming.

Jenn Ortega as Wednesday
Image via Netflix

Keep your Frosty the Snowman decorations in the basement, hold off on seasoning that turkey, and forget about Santa and his reindeer for a few moments — because it’s time for the spooky genre to take center stage, despite Halloween now falling far in the rearview mirror. That’s right, you guessed it! It’s time for another daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered, and there’s an assortment of juicy gossip to cover in today’s edition. Over the last 24 hours, Netflix has unveiled an aesthetically-pleasing promotional image for Wednesday as James Wan reveals a powerful comparison between his characters.

So, before you stab your fork into the sweetest slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, join us as we explore the latest updates in horror.

A forgotten Tom Hanks horror has bounced back into the spotlight

Tom Hanks The 'Burbs
Image via Universal Pictures

While acclaimed actor Tom Hanks is synonymous with films like Forrest Gump and Toy Story, one of the talent’s most underrated features falls under the horror scope. We’re talking about The ‘Burbs, of course — an ‘80s black comedy/horror extravaganza that has found its way back into the proverbial spotlight over on the r/horror subreddit. On the platform, Redditors took time out of their busy schedules to praise the film for its unforgettable performances and quotable pieces of dialogue. And although Hanks doesn’t mention the movie very often in interviews, it’s safe to assume that it’s still a treasured favorite. Who knew Hanks was a horror guy, eh?

James Wan makes an insane comparison between two polarizing projects

Image via Universal Studios

With a plethora of spooky cinematic projects under his belt, it’s worth noting that James Wan is a formidable presence in the horror genre. Now, with Wan’s latest viral sensation M3GAN set to hit theaters next January, the notable horror director has enticed genre diehards by comparing the upcoming project to a narrative that echoes an “Annabelle meets The Terminator” type of atmosphere. As if you can actually imagine that one. Nevertheless, Wan’s words are enough to keep horror fans hyped for the latest piece, which is on track to be one of the most memorable horror movies of 2023.

A brand new Wednesday image will leave your jaw dropped

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday
Image via Netflix

As Wednesday (all pun intended) rapidly approaches, the entire entertainment world is looking forward to the arrival of Tim Burton’s aptly titled horror/comedy series, which features Jenna Ortega in the leading role. And ahead of the show dropping on Netflix tomorrow, the streaming giant shared an exclusive promotional image of Ortega, dressed head-to-toe as the iconic gothic character. In the aforementioned image, Ortega is sporting Wednesday Addams’ classic appearance — including black leather gloves and a black-and-white checkered dress. It’s a look that absolutely fits the bill and reminds us of Ortega’s upcoming performance.

Buckle in tomorrow, Wednesday streamers, for a brand new daily horror roundup.

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