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Latest Marvel News: A Brie Larson mystery is bound to go unanswered in ‘The Marvels’ as Jonathan Majors speculation points to an early MCU exit

And is James Gunn' empty director's chair about to be filled?

Brie Larson Jonathan Majors
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Amid the strikes holding up movie production and Disney Plus shoving back its slate of streaming shows, we have so many questions about the MCU’s future right now. And that includes wondering what’s in store for Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in November’s The Marvels and exactly what’s coming up for Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror as the Multiverse Saga continues. Not to mention where the Guardians of Galaxy go without James Gunn. Marvel might not be offering many concrete answers to these sizzling mysteries right now, but in some cases the fans think they’ve cracked the case.

Increased Secret Wars interest leads to speculation Jonathan Majors could be out as Kang one movie sooner than expected

ant man and the wasp quantumania kang
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With Majors’ trial perennially delayed, we’re left to assume that the actor will continue on in the MCU and go on to threaten Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as the title character in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, but there’s no 100% guarantee at this stage that he’ll return in Secret Wars. We’re all expecting it, sure, but a common theory — as based on comics-accuracy — has resurfaced pointing to Kang being surprising offed one film early with a different and even more powerful villain rising up to take his place as the Multiverse Saga’s final big bad. Watch your back, Kangers, The Beyonder might be coming over yonder.

The Marvels anticipators are wondering why Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel had to ditch her best look so soon

captain marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

Despite only appearing a handful of times in the MCU to date, Carol Danvers has nonetheless rocked numerous lewks as the studio aims to pay homage to the heroine’s many iconic costumes and hairdos from the comics. But one appeared on screen all too briefly, if you ask fans, with folks sharing the love for Carol’s helmet/mohawk look. Some are wondering why it had to be ditched so soon, but the answer to that probably lies in Marvel’s addiction to taking the cowls, helmets, and masks off its superheroes as much as possible. Making sure to show off the faces of your attractive A-list leads? Come on, Marvel, what’s with that?

Could Marvel have already found the next guardian of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise after James Gunn?

I Am Groot season 2
Screenshot via Marvel Studios

Following in the footsteps of James Gunn to helm the next chapter in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is going to be one heck of a task, so you’d imagine anyone would think twice before agreeing to spearhead the cosmic team’s second iteration. And yet the chance to play with such a vibrant bunch of characters would be tough to pass up. Well, one natural person for Marvel to pick for the gig would be I Am Groot creator Kirsten Lepore, who’s admitted that she would be “open” to the idea of tackling the team in live-action after cutting her teeth on the Disney Plus miniseries. Hey, the season two finale did seem to tease a major Guardians 4 plotline.

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