Latest ‘Morbius’ poster calls the character “A New Marvel Legend”

Jared Leto as Morbius outlined in green

Marvel Comics have gifted us with countless iconic characters over the decades, many of whom have become embedded in the very fabric of popular culture. However, it would be the teeniest bit of a stretch to include Morbius among them.

Sure, the Living Vampire is fairly popular among comic book aficionados and plays an integral part in the supernatural side of the mythology, but you could also say that a massive number of people had probably never even heard of the troubled doctor before it was announced Jared Leto would be playing him in a blockbuster movie.

The first clip from Morbius dropped last night, and it’s gone a long way to assuaging any doubts the naysayers may have had over the film. However, a new poster has now landed online, and it seems to be giving the title hero more credit than he’s arguably due, as you can see below.

This might come off as a little cynical, when there’s every chance audiences across the world will immediately take Morbius to their hearts and elevate him to the levels of a Spider-Man, Iron Man, Venom, Wolverine or Captain America, but that does seem highly unlikely. Let’s hope that the tagline of ‘A New Marvel Legend’ doesn’t come back to bite the studio in the ass when Daniel Espinosa’s latest hits the big screen in January.