Latest Wonder Woman Set Photo Places Diana Alongside Chief


“Metropolis has Superman. Gotham has Batman. Now the world (almost) has Wonder Woman.” That was the tagline that accompanied last night’s fourth and suitably epic final trailer for Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins’ standalone pic that’s due to grace theaters in little under a month’s time.

And though a fourth trailer may seem a little excessive, it’s worth keeping in mind that both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and David Ayer’s Suicide Squad rolled out four full-length promos ahead of their respective D-days. For Wonder Woman, that date is June 2nd, and as Warner Bros. begins to switch gears in preparation of Diana Prince’s fantastical origin story – expect TV spots and behind-the-scenes featurettes to maintain the momentum from now until release, essentially – a new set photo has emerged online via Twitter.

Embedded below, you’ll be able to take a peek at DC’s Immortal Warrior rubbing shoulders with Chef, a member of Wonder Woman’s WWI posse as played by Eugene Braverock.

Elsewhere, the New York Times recently hosted an extensive interview with lead star Gal Gadot in which the former Fast and Furious actress stressed that Wonder Woman is, first and foremost, a symbol of equality.

I think as a feminist, you should be able to wear whatever you like! In any case, there is such a misunderstanding of the concept. Feminism is about equality and choice and freedom. And the writers, Patty and myself all figured that the best way to show that is to show Diana as having no awareness of social roles. She has no gender boundaries. To her, everyone is equal.

Wonder Woman will be with us on June 2nd. One glance at Hollywood’s release calendar will tell you that that’s smack bang in the middle of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (and Baywatch!) and The Mummy, Universal’s bold creature feature that’s all set to reanimate the titular deity. How will Diana fare against such heavyweight competition? Time will tell.