Laurence Fishburne Rumored To Appear In The Matrix Resurrections

the matrix morpheus
via Warner Bros.

So much of the December hype has revolved around Spider-Man: No Way Home that it’s easy to forget that The Matrix Resurrections is coming to theaters just five days after Tom Holland’s return as the friendly neighborhood Web-Slinger, but we can expect Warner Bros. to start ramping up the marketing campaign imminently.

The first trailer posed a lot more questions than it gave answers, and the rumor mill inevitably sprang into life in the aftermath, but Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was at least kind enough to finally confirm that he was indeed playing a younger, or perhaps alternate, version of Morpheus.

Laurence Fishburne admitted he wasn’t part of Resurrections because he wasn’t asked to be, but a new report from One Take News offers that his presence will still be felt in a roundabout way. As per the outlet, archival footage will be used throughout the fourth installment, allowing the first bearer of the tiny sunglasses to appear via flashback.

On top of that, a statue of Morpheus based on the Fishburne incarnation is also slated to be seen at some point, so if the information pans out, The Matrix Resurrections won’t be ignoring the contributions made to the mythology by the sole member of the original trio who isn’t actively involved.