The Lead Characters Of Green Lantern Corps May Have Been Revealed

Green Lantern

During this year’s San Diego Comic Con, concept art was shown off from almost all of the upcoming DC Comics movies. Unfortunately, no one managed to grab any photos of it, though it was reported at the time that the artwork for the Green Lantern reboot (titled Green Lantern Corps) featured Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

Well, a report from the Professional Days of Cinema of Sorrento convention in Italy saw that same artwork once again put on display, and a description has now surfaced which appears to reveal the movie’s two lead characters.

Here’s the translation from the site, and while it’s a little hard to understand in places, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the general gist of what they’re trying to get across:

Now suspects that Hal Jordan and John Stewart can be deployed together in the film DC / Warner become more concrete following the panel Warner during the Professional Days of Cinema of Sorrento . The event was shown a featurette of the universe DC in progress to the movies and among other things we have seen a concept of the Green Lantern Corps in which stood out clearly the two characters. That may be the final clue?

Hal and John being the leads of the Green Lantern reboot is what most of us were expecting, though seeing as Hal Jordan didn’t too fare that well in the 2011 movie, there’s been a lot of speculation that he might be dropped in preference of Kyle Rayner or Guy Gardner. That thankfully doesn’t appear to be the case though, something which should make the majority of fans very happy.

Green Lantern Corps is set to be released in 2020, and it’s been rumoured that one or both of the Green Lanterns will show up for the first time at the end of Justice League Part One.