Leaked Avengers 4 Art Reveals The Team’s New White Suits


The merchandising for Avengers 4 has been the source of a lot of leaks lately, and though there’s much debate to be had on the authenticity and the implications of what we’ve been seeing, the intel has certainly done its job in getting fans excited about what may or may not be coming down the pipeline in next year’s sequel.

Just take this latest leak, for instance. Having surfaced over on Reddit earlier this morning, the source for it is still unclear, but it appears to be some early concept art for either the film itself, or merchandise related to it, and shows us the Avengers in their new white costumes, which we’ve caught a few glimpses of already.

It’s thought that these shiny suits will be donned by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for their journey into space, or even the Quantum Realm. After all, we know that the Avengers: Infinity War sequel will feature some interplanetary trips, while the Realm itself was more or less confirmed earlier this year to have a lot of significance to the story.

Though some have cast doubt on this latest leak being genuine, it’s important to note that Rocket is seen here in the same stance as he was in on that leaked photo from September, which was, indeed, real. And in case you’ve forgotten about it, we’ve included it in the gallery below so you can compare.

Speaking of that picture, it spawned much speculation thanks to the accompanying text’s suggestion of “new foes” and “an even greater threat.” Given that the main antagonist of Infinity War was a genocidal tyrant who reduced half the universe’s population into dust with the mere snap of his fingers, we struggle to think of what could qualify as a bigger danger, but recent theories are suggesting a powerful new ally for Thanos.

Circling back to this latest leak, though, and as always, we’d suggest approaching it with a sense of caution, at least until a source can be confirmed. That being said, what we see here does look pretty exciting and even if it’s not exactly how the heroes will appear on screen in Avengers 4, you can be sure that most of the characters will be receiving some sort of upgrade or change in the costume department at some point in the film.

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