Leaked Avengers 4 Set Video Holds Some Story Clues For The Marvel Sequel


If you thought the hype and anticipation for Infinity War was too much to bear, just wait until Avengers 4.

Marvel’s 2019 blockbuster is said to be gearing up for a summer of reshoots ahead of its arrival in May – a full 330 days from now, for those keeping count – and while one super-fan has been busy watching Infinity War as many times as humanly possible, other viewers are spending their time poring over all sorts of fan theories pertaining to Avengers 4, which looks set to herald a true turning point for the MCU we know and love.

Case in point: the following set video that’s currently doing the rounds online. It initially leaked via Daily Mail (h/t Reddit) and appears to show Tony Stark, Ant-Man, and the Hulk talking tactics with a Captain America still dressed in his Phase One attire. Could this be another clue that the Russo Brothers plan to introduce time travel come 2019? See for yourself:

Once again, this leaked snippet has been pulled from the Battle of New York, in which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fended off an alien invasion from the center of the Big Apple. And as any MCU scholar will tell you, that scene in question originally took place during The Avengers finale, so perhaps Tony Stark’s all-new time travel device allows a group of superheroes to travel back to the past in order to disrupt Thanos’ master plan before it’s even begun.

It’s a bold, if risky strategy, as Avengers 4 will likely draw inspiration from Ant-Man and the Wasp by thrusting its costumed crusaders into the Quantum Realm. Chalk this up as conjecture, too, but it’s said to be the vehicle which allows Iron Man and Co. to travel back in time, and thereby gives Scott Lang a chance to show off his expertise in molecular travel.