Leaked Star Wars: Episode IX Promo Art Reveals Two New Characters


While fans eager for some Star Wars: Episode IX material have recently been pinning their hopes on next month’s Star Wars Celebration, it looks like a couple of promotional images have managed to leak early.

If the recently surfaced poster wasn’t enough Star Wars material for one day, then you may find much to discuss in this assortment of character designs, which tease the return of some familiar faces and the arrival of a couple of newcomers. Incidentally, a report emerged on Reddit last month alleging that Keri Russell is playing a bounty hunter who wears a purple jumpsuit and an “elongated helmet,” and from the look of things, the source had it right. Apparently, the character is going by the name of Zorii, and for now, it remains unclear whether her allegiance lies with the Resistance, the First Order or somewhere in between.

After that, we have Jannah, who looks to be played by Naomi Ackie. Interestingly, the same Reddit report that got Russell’s character right also alleged that Ackie is playing Finn’s sister. Now there’s a claim to be taken with a grain of salt, and we’ll surely say the same about the recent rumor that she’s actually playing the daughter of Lando. If, however, both assertions turn out to be correct, then it seems we’ll have a whole Calrissian family on our hands, which could be a pretty on-brand way for Star Wars to pass on the torch.

All in all, these pics, while revealing, still leave us with plenty of questions, but all will be revealed when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019. In the meantime, look out for further material in the lead-up to this year’s Star Wars Celebration, which launches on April 11th.