Leaked Venom Pic Brings Us Closer To Eddie Brock’s Alter-Ego


While we patiently wait for Venom‘s SDCC trailer to find its way online (set your alarms for next week), a suitably sinister new image has emerged via Twitter.

First spotted by CBM, below you’ll see Eddie Brock’s raging alter-ego complete his transformation (for the first time, perhaps?) as he towers over what we assume to be some low-level goon employed by the Life Foundation.

That’s the fictional organization at the heart of Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff, and it’s one which catches the eye of down-on-his-luck reporter, Eddie Brock. And, well, you know what they say about curiosity killing the cat? In Venom, Brock’s unending fascination with the Life Foundation leads him down a dark and dangerous path, where he encounters the alien symbiote we all know and fear.

And to their credit, Sony’s SFX team have knocked it out of the park when it comes to Venom’s character design, as the pronounced jaw and many rows of teeth are pretty accurate to David Michelinie’s grotesque creation. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

If nothing else, this is another timely reminder that Venom hopes to deliver a no-holds-barred rendition of the famous Marvel anti-hero, as it was revealed that the movie’s SDCC showcase ended with Eddie Brock’s monstrous alter-ego decapitating some poor soul using only his teeth. It may not be R-rated, but it’s fair to say that Sony and Ruben Fleischer’s Spidey spinoff is about to get pretty freaking dark.

Venom slithers into theaters on October 5th – with or without Spider-Man/Peter Parker in tow.