Leaked Wonder Woman 1984 Featurette Appears To Include Some Cheetah Concept Art


UPDATE: This footage has been removed at the request of Warner Bros.

Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah is on the prowl – or, at least, we think she is…

Over on Twitter (h/t CBM), one eagle-eyed user has uncovered what appears to be a leaked featurette for Wonder Woman 1984 replete with a blurry shot of Wiig being interviewed.

And that’s not all; lean a little closer and you’ll also catch some early concept art of Cheetah in action, before we see Diana Prince cutting her long-time adversary down to size. There’s also the very real possibility that this is simply artwork pulled from DC Comics, as the image of Wonder Woman doesn’t necessarily reflect Gal Gadot’s own take on the Immortal Warrior.

If nothing else, it’s an exciting teaser for what is undoubtedly one of the most-anticipated comic book movies of 2019 – second only to that little-known Marvel sequel called Avengers 4 – and while it features a Ukranian voiceover, it’s nigh on certain that the full-length English version will be paraded in front of San Diego Comic-Con attendees this coming weekend.

Kristen Wiig’s feral feline is, without question, the headline-worthy addition to the Wonder Woman 1984 ensemble – Chris Pine’s inexplicable resurrection as Steve Trevor deserves an honorary mention, too – and it’ll be interesting to see how Patty Jenkins and Wiig handle such an iconic character.

The time jump to 1984 presents its own unique challenges, too, though Jenkins and her team will still be riding high after the meteoric success of Wonder Woman ($800M+). The question, really, is whether Wonder Woman 1984 will be able to capture lightning in a bottle for the second time. November 1st, 2019 is the date for your diaries.