Learn How To Sign “Eternals” From Film’s Star Lauren Ridloff

Marvel’s Eternals is the forthcoming film from Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao that will bring us no less than 10 brand new heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many of whom are representing many firsts for the MCU.

The film spans 7,000 years and tells the story of a disbanded group of immortal heroes, The Eternals, who must reunite in the face of the return of the insidious Deviants, who threaten Earth. Created thousands of years ago by the planet-sized and god-like Celestials, they were originally created as Earth’s defenders.

In addition to the film reportedly featuring the MCU’s first full-blown sex scene, it is taking a decidedly different approach to the Marvel formula in a number of ways, Zhao said.

For instance, the film is said to make strides in the MCU’s LGBTQ+ representation, featuring the first openly gay hero in the MCU. In addition, Lauren Ridloff will play Marvel’s first deaf hero, as well.

And a recent video clip of an early screening of the film that has made its way to the internet is teaching fans everywhere how to sign Eternals, from the actress herself. Check it out for yourself below:

As you can see, the sign involves making something of a lightning bolt gesture from one’s forehead, which brings a vivid and poetic layer to the word “eternals,” for sure.

While some have been worrying over Eternals‘ reportedly low Rotten Tomatoes score, it’s important to not judge a book by its cover and realize that movie criticism is always subjective anyway, so it may yet hold out a story that resonates with audiences.