Legendary CEO Says They Have Ideas For More MonsterVerse Movies

Godzilla vs. Kong

If the box office performance of Godzilla vs. Kong wasn’t enough of an indicator that audiences are still more than game for the MonsterVerse, then the record-breaking HBO Max numbers and subsequent trending of #ContinueTheMonsterVerse will have surely hammered the point home to the executives at Warner Bros. and Legendary.

Adam Wingard’s crossover has already sailed past $300 million globally as it continues to set new commercial standards for the pandemic era, while the studio were more than happy to tout it as HBO Max’s most-watched premiere. There’s plenty of mileage left in the Titans, then, even after Godzilla and Kong destroyed the majority of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings while teaming up to vanquish the threat of both Mechagodzilla and the Apex Corporation.

There wasn’t a definitive winner, but it was definitely Kong’s movie more than his counterpart’s, with the giant ape getting the lion’s share of the screen time and character development, or at least as much as the MonsterVerse is willing to dish out, which admittedly isn’t a lot. As for where things go next, that’s still unclear, but Wingard has already said that the door is very much wide open for another filmmaker to come in and put their own stamp on the franchise, while writer Max Borenstein echoed those sentiments by saying he can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

In celebrating Godzilla vs. Kong‘s box office domination, Legendary CEO Josh Grode admitted that his production company has “a number of ideas for more movies” in the MonsterVerse, and it feels as though one of them might enter active development sooner rather than later. Skull Island showed that prequels were always a possibility, while there are plenty more iconic kaiju lurking in the Toho vault that can be plucked from hibernation and thrown onto the screen in a $200 million blockbuster.