LEGO unveils buildable version of Thor’s hammer

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

The buildable version of Thor‘s Hammer, Mjolnir, will be able to purchase from LEGO in just a few weeks time.

Mjolnir has become an icon of pop culture ever since it made its theatrical debut in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor in 2011. Only three have wielded Mjolnir in the MCU — Thor, Vision, and, of course, Captain America. Its mythic and subtle beauty as a prop oozes both mystical and triumphant energy.

So it’s no shock to see LEGO release an adult collector’s version of the hammer, following up on last year’s buildable Infinity Gauntlet which was released for the company’s 18+ range.

The set, #76209, consists of a minifigure version of Thor as he appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside a minifigure scale Mjolnir, and of course, a “human” scale Mjolnir for display. There is a buildable display, including a small plaque that reads ‘Infinity Saga’, and has the name of the Avenger’s hammer on it.

An interesting neat build that fits inside of the hammer includes a minifigure-scale Infinity Gauntlet, Odin’s Fire, and the Tesseract. A completed minifigure scale Infinity Gauntlet has only previously appeared in the 2021 LEGO Marvel advent calendar.

The set will be available on the LEGO Store from March 1, and will cost $99.99, consisting of 979 pieces.