Lena Headey Will Confront The Woman Of The Woods In New Horror Film


After wrangling with Pride & Prejudice & Zombies with Game of Thrones co-star Charles Dance, Lena Headey is primed to confront The Woman of the Woods, a new horror film incubating in development over at Myriad Pictures.

Bleeding Cool has the casting scoop, revealing that the actress – best known for her snarling, award-winning role as Cersei Lannister on HBO’s series – will topline the thriller as Kelsay, a woman on the brink of a marital crisis. Agreeing to one final family camping trip with her husband and young daughter, Headey’s protagonist discovers that, yes, not all is as it seems in shadows of the forest.

Written and directed by Russell Friedenberg, The Woman of the Woods is to be shopped at the ongoing America Film Market in the hope of attracting a distributor. Oscar-winning executive Heather Rae is attached to produce, and the studio released a synopsis of the horror so as to generate interest in the project.

“Kelsay (Lena Headey) and her husband have just decided to separate. They agree to go on one last family camping trip in a remote area of the Pacific Northwest to break the news to their young daughter. But an evil presence lurks in the woods – and it soon influences the daughter who succumbs to a strange and frightening world of violence. Upon their return to Seattle, a police detective investigating a series of missing persons becomes convinced that the daughter is responsible. Kelsey must prove her daughter’s innocence – but to do so she must face the terrifying entity – and finds herself spiralling into greater and greater danger.”

As the production house behind Daniel Craig’s under-appreciated war drama Defiance and Goon, we’re hopeful that The Woman of the Woods can produce a horror experience that is as captivating as its newfound leading star.