Leonardo DiCaprio May Join The Secret Service With Colin Firth


Leonardo DiCaprio may take on a role in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming action thriller, The Secret Service. Already set to star Colin Firth, Vaughn is looking for someone to play the lead villain and he has his eye on the always reliable DiCaprio, who showed in last year’s Django Unchained that he can play the “bad guy” part with ease.

”Leo is the perfect bad guy. Comic book films aren’t usually associated with him but this could be a great fit,” said a source close to the film.

The film is based on the comic book series my Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons and centers on “a London hoodlum who is recruited by his uncle into a secret British spy school that transforms young troublemakers into refined, charming secret agents in the mould of James Bond.”

Firth will play the part of the uncle. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was offered the role of the London hoodlum but he turned it down, so casting is still underway. As for DiCaprio, the studio hasn’t confirmed his involvement yet. For now, it’s only a rumor. But an intriguing one nonetheless.

Like I said above, Django Unchained showed us that Leonardo DiCaprio could craft a truly terrifying villain. I haven’t read the comic book series that The Secret Service is based on but it would definitely be interesting to see the well-respected actor venture into this territory as it would be a different type of role for him, one which I think he would excel at.

The Secret Service will be released in November 2014. Tell us, what do you think of Leonardo DiCaprio joining the film? Do you want to see him play the villain again?