Why Hawkeye’s Family Probably Didn’t Survive Avengers: Infinity War


While it’s debatable how much good a guy who’s really handy with a bow and arrow could have done against the rampaging armies of Thanos, fans certainly missed Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye in Avengers: Infinity War.

After all, the most he got was a mention that, after the events of Civil War, he and his family took voluntary house arrest and remain under government protection. You can imagine how frustrating it must have been for him to imagine his Avenger buddies fighting and dying in Wakanda without him, but he chose to prioritize the safety of his family and that comes before everything. Well, as long as you actually have a family to protect…

After Thanos achieves his goal of wiping out half of all life at the end of Infinity War, who knows if Hawkeye’s loved ones are even still alive? I mean, his family is five strong, so statistically, at least a couple of them are likely now clogging up the Barton family DustBuster. Secondly, we know from promotional pictures and on-set footage that Hawkeye’s set to appear in Avengers 4 in his Ronin identity, defined as more of a lone wolf than before. Putting this together, it’s looking incredibly likely that some or all of his family have already bitten the dust (so to speak).

I can only imagine what this’ll do to Clint. For one, he may blame himself for not being in Wakanda, imagining that he might have made the crucial difference in the battle against Thanos and prevented the Mad Titan’s final victory. Whether that’s the case or not, he’s no doubt going to be on a quest for revenge against Josh Brolin’s big bad, and I’d like to see the government minders that think they can stop him taking up the bow and trick arrows in an attempt to undo what’s been done.

What do you guys think, though? I was wrong about pretty much all of my Avengers: Infinity War predictions, but I’ve got a feeling that this one is all too likely.