Liam Neeson Has One Of The Most Popular Movies On Streaming This Week

Honest Thief

Liam Neeson has carved out a successful niche as an action star in the previous decade or so, bringing his rugged performance style to a wide range of different men placed in difficult situations. The actor’s latest, Honest Thief, had a brief theatrical run last October, but since being added to VOD in 2021, has built up a decent audience. And now, the movie is one of the most popular titles on Google Play, showing that people can’t get enough of Neeson.

For those not aware, Honest Thief sees the performer take on the role of Tom Dolan, an ageing criminal trying to go straight after falling in love, only to be framed for murder. Dolan has to deal with corrupt FBI agents to clear his name, presumably with a lot of chase scenes and violence. Directed by Mark Williams, the picture also includes turns by the likes of Kate Walsh, Robert Patrick and Jai Courtney.

Honest Thief

Despite topping the box office charts, something that became less of a boast in 2020, Honest Thief has found greater recognition on home release and joins Neeson’s many similarly-themed projects. Never out of work for long, the Irishman has also enjoyed success this year with The Marksman, starred in the 2020 drama Made in Italy, and is appearing in The Ice Road, another thriller picked up by Netflix.

We’re always happy to see Neeson taking down bad guys and beating the odds, and Honest Thief does seem like one of the better efforts he’s lent his talents to in the last few years. Indeed, we could be about to get another type of mini-renaissance for the 68-year-old if reports of a return to Star Wars universe pan out. In the meantime, Liam Neeson‘s filmography will likely continue to do well on various streaming platforms, meaning that his career as an action force looks to have plenty of mileage left in it.