Liam Neeson To Re-Team With Unknown Director For Run All Night

While it may disappoint, this news definitely shouldn’t surprise. Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra have a bit of a bromance going on. It began with Unknown, a Taken rip-off that was pretty awful and it will continue with Non-Stop, an upcoming film that will see Neeson doing his “action hero” shtick again but this time as an air marshal. Now, the duo has another film coming up that we can all look forward to, or not, depending on how you feel about their first effort.

The film is titled Run All Night and it’s penned by Brad Ingelsby. Neeson was reported to be circling the film a while back but now we have confirmation that both him and Collet-Serra have signed on to the project. In what sounds like a rather unexciting tale, Run All Night will see Neeson play “a mob hitman who has to take on his boss, protect his family and go on the run from the authorities with his estranged son, all in a single night.” Seems like pretty run of the mill work for the actor, right?

To me, this just sounds like more mindless crap that will probably follow in the same vein as the dreadful Taken 2. Neeson has the chops to pull off action roles, but he’s been making some pretty bad career choices lately. Unknown, Taken 2, Battleship, it seems like he just keeps making dud after dud. Why not take on more scripts like The Grey? Films where he can do his action thing but still give us a film with some meaning and importance, not just a brain-dead romp through some foreign country where he dispatches bad guy after bad guy, or some variation on that.

What do you think? Looking forward to seeing another Taken rip-off? Do you think that Run All Night has any hope of being a good film?