Lighthouse Horror Movie Keepers Casts Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan And Joe Alwyn



Keepers, a new psychological horror movie revolving around a trio of lonesome Scottish lighthouse workers, has located its primary cast in Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan and Joe Alwyn.

First reported by Deadline, Danish filmmaker Kristoffer Nyholm (The Killing, Taboo) has been appointed at the helm, and we understand that a UK shoot in early 2017 is already in the cards.

Evoking comparisons to John Carpenter movies of old, Keepers is pitched as a bleak horror-thriller that chronicles the story of three lighthouse managers: Thomas (Mullan), James (Butler) and Donald (Alwyn). Checking in for another six-week stint on the bitter-cold Scottish coast, Nyholm’s thriller taps into feelings of paranoia and frustration that so often go hand-in-hand with isolation. This, coupled with the fact that the aforementioned trio only have each other for company, tees up a complex dynamic as they encounter “something unexpected and potentially life-changing.”

On an uninhabited island 20 miles from the rugged Scottish coast, three lighthouse keepers arrive for their six week shift. As Thomas (Mullan), James (Butler) and Donald (Alwyn) settle into their usual, solitary routines, something unexpected and potentially life-changing occurs- they stumble upon something that isn’t theirs to keep. Where did it come from? Who does it belong to? A boat appears in the distance that might hold the answer to these questions… What follows is a tense battle for survival as personal greed replaces loyalty – and fed by isolation and paranoia, three honest men are led down a path to destruction.

An early 2017 shoot is the goal for Keepers, and given the relatively limited scope of Nyholm’s thriller, it could well be ready to creep into theaters late next year. Elsewhere, we learned recently that Gerard Butler’s hardboiled agent Mike Banning will be back, back, back for action threequel Angel Has Fallen.

Source: Deadline

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