These Are The Most Likely Titles For Avengers 4


It’s fair to say that interest in Avengers 4 and, more specifically, its as-yet-unrevealed title has absolutely skyrocketed over the past little while. Especially since Infinity War hit theaters, and understandably so.

The sequel once known as Infinity War – Part 2 has been draped in a thick veil of secrecy for months – years, even – and Marvel Boss Kevin Feige admits that the intense debate surrounding it has “gotten entirely out of hand.” But that’s in no way quelled online enthusiasm, given there are entire forums and subreddits dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, in particular, the title of the studio’s next big team-up movie.

Indeed, a moniker still eludes us, but with an official announcement expected before the end of the year, has put together a list of a few of the most likely candidates, and here’s what they’ve come up with.

Avengers: Endgame – This has alway been the most popular pick and though a few of the cast and crew have already ruled it out, fans continue to hang onto it just because it’d be so damn fitting. Not to mention Doctor Strange’s line in Infinity War directly references it.

Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet – As a callback to the comics, this would be a pretty appropriate title, and a rather simple one, too. After all, Marvel used Infinity War for the last movie (also a callback to the comics), so who’s to say they won’t just go with Infinity Gauntlet for the sequel? Even if, when it came to the comics, Gauntlet was published before War.

Avengers: Infinity Crusade – Another comic book sequel to Gauntlet and War, and published after both of them, fans have been throwing this one around for a while now. Although, it’s highly unlikely too much of its plot would be adapted, given how different it is from what we’ve seen in the MCU so far.

Avengers Assemble – A firm fan favorite pick, it’s unlikely Marvel would choose this as it was actually the title of 2012’s The Avengers in the United Kingdom. However, it would be very fitting given that the original heroes will have to come together one final time to defeat Thanos. Not to mention it’s kind of their call to arms/slogan.

Avengers Forever – For those unfamiliar with this arc from the comics, it saw “Avengers from many different timelines summoned to fight a war across time and the cosmos.” Sound familiar? It should, as it echoes what we know of the plot of Avengers 4. As such, many think this could be the title of the film, too.

Of course, all this speculation raises another important question: will the film’s first trailer and title be unveiled simultaneously? Or is Marvel Studios planning to drop both of them separately? Presumably, it’ll be a double whammy, as Joe and Anthony Russo waited months before rolling out the epic first teaser for Infinity War – despite being inundated with requests and demands over Twitter and Instagram – but only time will tell.

If you ask us, though, the directors will take a similar approach to Avengers 4 – that is, to keep us waiting just long enough before delivering a one-two punch that is, quite frankly, out of this world.