Lin Shaye’s Confident There’ll Be Another Insidious Movie

Insidious Chapter 2

Ever since The Last Key slithered into theaters (and made a killing at the global box office with $167.8 million), the immediate future of Insidious has been smothered with uncertainty.

Sure, we’ve heard rumblings that Blumhouse was prepared to move forward with a fifth installment in the cult horror series, but soon after The Last Key picked its way onto Blu-ray and DVD, everything fell silent… until now. During a recent interview with Forbes, franchise veteran Lin Shaye talked all things Insidious, hinting that there’s still a future for the spooky series, regardless of whether that future lies on the big screen, or within the realm of television.

I think there is another one, that they have a story for that and it is very different. The last one, for me to have realized the character’s past, present, and future of my character, was a gift. I don’t know if there’s a script being written, but I think there will be another Insidious movie.

Shaye was quick to stress that there’s currently no script in place for Insidious 5 (working title), and at least for the time being, Blumhouse has no intention of setting the wheels in motion. But that’s not to say that we’ve seen the last of the Further; as a matter of fact, Shaye even went so far as to say that, if there is another Insidious movie released in the not-so-distant future, she’d likely star as a ghost.

If I’m in it, which I believe I would be, I’d probably be in the Further as my character is now a ghost. As far as a spin-off TV show? I don’t know about that. Nothing has been mentioned to me.

But what say you? After four feature films and countless nightmares, is there still life in the Insidious franchise? Or should Blumhouse close the book and refocus its energies on new horror IP? Let us know your thoughts, comments and predictions in the usual place.