Lindsey Morgan Rumored To Be In Line To Play The DCEU’s Batgirl


Though Joss Whedon, who was originally slated to helm the movie, recently bailed on the project, DC’s Batgirl standalone is still moving ahead. Screenwriter Christina Hodson has been brought in to work on the script, with Warner Bros. apparently having big plans for Barbara Gordon, as reports state that the character could debut in Birds of Prey before starring in her own solo vehicle. But the big question is, who will bring the iconic heroine to life?

Well, the studio hasn’t said anything on the matter just yet, but we may now have our answer. A Brazilian fan account for actress Lindsey Morgan, most well known for The CW’s post-apocalyptic drama The 100, has claimed that the star has revealed she’s auditioned for the part of Batgirl and is now waiting on WB producers to confirm that the role is hers.

“Present at Convention Space Walkers 3 in Paris, Lindsey Morgan said she auditioned to play Batgirl in theaters and is waiting only for the producers,” reads the Tweet.


What lends this a lot of credence is the fact that Morgan’s been linked with the part of Babs for over a year now. Last March, the actress Tweeted that she had a “new project” that she was “ECSTATIC” about. Nothing particularly telling about that, of course, but then she proceeded to Re-Tweet many articles discussing the Batgirl movie as well as sharing messages from fans who wanted to see her in the role.

While the same people who hated Michael B. Jordan playing Human Torch or Zendaya as MJ could well take umbrage at the half-Mexican brunette portraying a character who’s usually depicted as a Caucasian redhead in the comics, Lindsey Morgan is actually a very strong choice for the DCEU’s Batgirl. She has a big following already and, thanks to The 100, we know she can play brave, capable women.

Still, we’d best not get too excited about this casting choice just yet until we see it confirmed. Given that Birds of Prey is expected to go before the cameras later this year, though, we should find out who’ll be the DCEU’s Batgirl sooner rather than later.