Lionsgate’s Live-Action Power Rangers Film Finds Its Black Ranger


Lionsgate’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers sure know how to assemble – and (almost) assemble they have. Over the past week, the studio has been busy casting the net in search of actors to lead the charge as the title costumed heroes, and now we have word of another crucial slot being filled. That is, Monster Hunt alum Ludi Lin, who boards the nascent project as the Black Ranger.

News of Lin’s appointment comes hot on the heels of Naomi Scott landing the role of the Pink Ranger, while newcomer Dacre Montgomery is now set to pick up the guise of the Red Ranger. Making the announcement official, here’s the message from the film’s Twitter page.

Following Monster Hunt‘s impressive turn at the Chinese box office, this is Lin’s first major overseas role, and with Lionsgate mapping out plans for a potential Power Rangers franchise, the actor has been given a true shot at the big time.

Dean Israelite is behind the lens for the live-action adaptation, which takes the beloved 90s franchise and gives it a modern makeover. That said, Lionsgate’s big-budget drama will still revolve around a group of unassuming college teenagers who are gifted with extraterrestrial powers and the responsibility of saving the world to boot.

Steering a pop culture phenomenon onto the silver screen is certainly no mean feat, what with the huge, generation-spanning audience to consider. Still, if Israelite’s finished product holds even a fraction of the raw intensity of Joseph Kahn’s impressive short film from earlier in the year, then color us intrigued.

Power Rangers will make its bow on January 13th, 2017