Listen To The Internet-Exclusive Hellraiser: Judgment Director’s Commentary


It’s no secret that Hellraiser: Judgment endured a long, meandering journey to release.

For years, Gary J. Tunnicliffe toiled away on his Cenobite-infested sequel with only one motto: “innovate, not replicate.” That mantra worked overly well, too, as Judgment is arguably one of the strongest direct-to-DVD entries in the Hellraiser saga, one that even comes packing its own post-credits scenes involving The Auditor.

But for those who picked it up, you may have been disappointed to find that the disc, while it included deleted scenes and a short gag reel, was missing a commentary track from Tunnicliffe. It was an odd thing to omit, but it turns out there was a reason, as one’s now surfaced online via the Midnight’s Edge YouTube channel – allowing you to sync it up with the movie and hear the director’s thoughts on everything as you watch.

For fans of Judgment or just the Hellraiser franchise in general, this is definitely worth checking out, as Tunnicliffe offers up some interesting insight into the making of the film while also sharing a number of fun anecdotes. Keeping the conversation focused throughout and never shy to express his true feelings, it makes for a nice little companion piece to the latest entry in the series and should put a smile on the face of any individual who counts themselves a fan of ol’ Pinhead.

Hellraiser: Judgment is now available across Blu-ray and DVD (buy it on Amazon here). If it’s more coverage you’re after, meanwhile, then look no further than our in-depth review.