First Look At The New Logo For Masters Of The Universe Reboot



Sony’s Masters Of The Universe remake has been simmering away for years now on the back burner, forgotten in favor of flashier contemporary material (22 Jump Street, we’re talking about you.) The last month, however, has seen practically a typhoon of information arrive online about the project courtesy of Columbia Pictures Senior Vice President of Production, DeVon Franklin.

After a good badgering on Twitter, the SVP responded back on Christmas Eve with a photo snapshot of the script title sheet. Then, just this past weekend, fans prodded Franklin for further information, which prompted the following response:

In case you’re wondering “what’s the big kerfuffle?”, then bear with us. The above image is in fact a brand new logo, presumably designed specifically for the in-development movie. While it’s not a million miles away from the old insignia used for the toys, TV series and 80s feature, it simply suggests that progress is being made. Plus, let’s not forget the caption hinting that we could be in store for more news shortly.

The current script submitted (and witnessed in the Twitter screengrab) is credited to Kick-Ass 2 writer-director Jeff Wadlow. He’s the fifth writer to tap away on the story, which has been in existence in various forms since 2009 and tackled by Alex Litvak & Mik Finch, Richard Wenk and Terry Rossio. In addition, Wadlow is also being considered to direct the movie after he expressed strong interest in the job. That development came after the previously-attached G.I. Joe: Retaliation helmer, Jon Chu, exited to helm another toy-related caper, Jem And The Holograms.

We’ll keep you posted with any new developments on Masters Of The Universe as they land, but for now, let us know in the comments section whether or not you’d like to see Wadlow direct.

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