Is This The First Logo For Matt Reeves’ The Batman?


At long last, The Batman is starting to come together, with a lot of new info about director Matt Reeves’ reimagining of the Dark Knight arriving as of late. We’ve been told which villains to expect, the general direction Reeves wants to go in with the hero and, in the latest reveal, we might just know how the logo for the movie will look.

Geeks Worldwide’s Thomas Polito shared on Twitter what he believes to be the official, albeit temporary, logo and batsymbol being used for The Batman behind the scenes at Warner Bros. “If it’s used in the suit, the font and coloring will change,” he wrote in an accompanying caption, “but the outline will remain the same or close to it.”

As you can see below, the batsymbol depicted is something of a synthesis between the classic, angular version seen in the Tim Burton movies and the wider, squatter edition sported on Ben Affleck’s chest in the previous DCEU films. As for the font utilized, Bat-fans will instantly recognize this as the font closely associated with the beloved Batman: The Animated Series. As Polito says, though, the font and its strangely bright orange coloring are subject to change.

Reeves has explained that he wants The Batman to be a detective story, first and foremost, thereby highlighting an important aspect of Bruce Wayne’s character that’s never really been satisfactorily explored on the big screen before. Along with that, the Penguin’s widely reported to be the main villain of the flick, with the Riddler said to feature as a secondary antagonist. Reeves also generously revealed to a fan on social media that he plans to start filming “around the end of this year.”

There’s now just the small matter of learning who the heck’s going to play the Batman in the movie. That news will no doubt come soon, but until it arrives, tell us, who would you like to see take the role?

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