The Second Main Villain In The Batman May Be The Riddler

Jim-Carrey-as-The-Riddler-in-Batman-Forever (1)

Over the last couple of weeks, we finally got some concrete details on The Batman. With Ben Affleck confirmed to not be returning as the Dark Knight, Matt Reeves’ movie will be more of a detective tale that makes use of a wide rogues gallery of Batman’s greatest villains. As ever, though, one or two have got to take center stage and while we’ve known for a while that the Penguin is Reeves’ pick for the main antagonist, some new intel might confirm who the second central villain will be.

According to We Got This Covered’s sources, the casting breakdown for The Batman listed the film’s secondary bad guy as “The Brain.” Now, DC fans will know that there’s a comic book supervillain called the Brain – literally a brain in a robotic suit – who’s a frequent enemy of the Doom Patrol, but he doesn’t seem like a likely candidate for a major role in a Batman movie.

It seems much more logical to infer that “the Brain” is code for that DC villain known for his smarts, Edward Nygma/The Riddler. Partnering him up with the Penguin would be a good idea, too, as the pair have a long history of forming an uneasy alliance, in everything from the classic 1960s show to Gotham. Also like Oswald Cobblepot, Riddler hasn’t been seen on the big screen since the 1990s, so he’s due a fresh portrayal.

This is far from confirmed right now, of course, as we only have a coded name on a casting breakdown to go on, but it’s definitely something to mull over and consider. And if true, the villain’s inclusion should certainly please fans who’ve been waiting for a new Nygma for years. Remember when everyone was hoping Leonardo DiCaprio would play him in The Dark Knight Rises? And don’t forget that he definitely exists in the DCEU, as proven by that easter egg in Batman V Superman.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Again, this has yet to be confirmed. Although, with The Batman set to grapple-hook its way into theaters on June 25th, 2021, we should start to learn the identity of both the second central villain and all the other antagonists in no time at all.