‘Loki’ director wants to helm Netflix’s ‘BioShock’ movie

Yesterday, the news broke that Netflix is teaming up with video game publisher Take-Two for a live-action adaptation of BioShock. The critically acclaimed video game franchise takes place in an alternative reality in which fantastical retro-futurist cities collapse into anarchy.

The most iconic setting is BioShock and BioShock 2‘s Rapture, a surreal utopia built on the ocean floor that descends into chaos, with the player tasked with fighting their way out after taking refuge inside after a plane crash. It’s early days for the project yet, and there’s no writer or director attached, though plans are apparently afoot for a BioShock cinematic universe.

It’s a hot property with a huge fanbase, so there’s going to be intense competition for the director’s chair. Getting in there early, Loki‘s Kate Herron has put herself forward already, as you can see below.

As the replies point out, her experience with stories about secret societies built around bizarre rules hiding dark secrets makes her a good candidate for the job. Plus, the series’ later focus on alternate realities and timelines covers a lot of the same ground as Loki did.

Though it seems that a Netflix BioShock movie is while away yet, 2022 could be a banner year for the franchise. It’s been nearly a decade since Infinite was released, and there are strong indications that the next entry in the series is well on the way from Cloud Chamber games.

Expect an official announcement on that soon, which may give us a clear idea of what the future holds for BioShock on multiple fronts.

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