The Lord Of The Rings Fans Are Freaking Out Over New Prequel Movie

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is getting a new movie. A new anime movie. A new anime movie that’s headed to theaters. This is not a drill!

It was announced today that New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. are partnering up once again for The Lord of the Rings: The War of Rohirrim, a standalone prequel film that will explore the bloody saga of Helm’s Deep, the fortress setting of the legendary battle in The Two Towers, and the man it was named after: Helm Hammerhand, the fabled King of Rohan.

Veteran anime filmmaker Kenji Kamiyama is directing from a script by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews (The Dark Crystal: Resistance). Though Peter Jackson and his team aren’t actively involved in this project – apart from screenwriter Phillipa Boyens in a consulting capacity – he’s said to have given it his blessing and it’s been confirmed to be set in the same continuity as Jackson’s six-part live-action saga.

This is A LOT for fans to take in, then, and social media is full of discussion about the news. What with the Amazon TV series on the way, this wasn’t something we were expecting at all, so LOTR lovers are blown away by the announcement, as you can see below.

“My life is complete.”

LOTR and anime is a combination that can be so personal.

We’re ready.

With happiness, we hope.

Oof, low blow.

Some fans are even more hyped for this anime than Amazon’s upcoming show.

Others are more skeptical, feeling that this could either go one way or the other.

To clarify, this anime is disconnected from Amazon’s – ridiculously expensive – series because that will be completely separate from Jackson’s canon. WB is just as excited about this one as the fans, too, as it’s known that they’re fast-tracking it and are keen to make it a reality as soon as possible.

How do you feel about The Lord of the Rings getting an anime prequel, though? Sound off in the comments.