Love Blossoms In First Trailer For Digital Romance The Heart Machine


If Her granted a view of the love landscape in the near-future, then The Heart Machine adopts a similar approach set in the here and now. The days when dating and interaction were limited to actual physical experience are a thing of the past. I know it and you know it. Online romance isn’t reserved for those outliers who struggle to thrive in social situations – everyone’s at it now.

What’s possibly the most compelling conceit of The Heart Machine is that at its core are two young people capable of making easier romantic choices, who choose to involve themselves in the difficulty of digital dating. Directed by Zachary Wigon the two leads, John Gallagher Jr. (The Newsroom) and Kate Lyn Sheil (You’re Next) are at the centre of a movie than spans in two directions.

We get an idea of how the movie functions based on this first trailer. It appears to be a sweet indie in the style of Like Crazy, as the couple struggle with long distance and the perils of jerky-screen Skype. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

The Heart Machine will be released on VOD on October 24th.

Tracking two parallel journeys that show how digital media complicates modern love, THE HEART MACHINE explores the evolving relationship between physical and emotional intimacy, isolation in the urban hive, and the seduction of hiding behind a screen. This modern mystery tells the story of Cody (John Gallagher Jr. – HBO’s The Newsroom, Short Term 12) and Virginia (Breakthrough actress Kate Lyn Sheil – Netflix House of Cards, You’re Next), who fall in love online, despite the distance between them. Through an interrelated series of events, Cody suspects that Virginia might not actually live in Berlin and may even live in the same city as he does, and seeks to find the truth. THE HEART MACHINE questions love and intimacy in the digital age, and whether you can really trust whom you meet on the internet.