Love Is The Rhythm And Anne Hathaway Is The Music In New Trailer For Song One


Having spent time winning praise and stealing hearts across a variety of major productions in the past few years — The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar and Les Misérables — Anne Hathaway is primed to make a return to the kind of indie romances that helped put her on the map with Kate Barker-Froyland’s musical drama, Song One.

Taking place within the musical scene of Brooklyn, the film will chart the story of Hathaway’s Franny who unexpectedly finds love in James Forester’s Johnny. What underpins this relationship, however, is the fact that Franny’s brother Henry (played here by Boardwalk Empire‘s Ben Rosenfield) recently suffered from a horrible accident that places him in a coma. As it turns out, the musically gifted Johnny is his long-time idol, giving Hathaway’s protagonist a poignant and tragic connection to her sibling as she tries to wean him back to the land of the living through music.

Song One will debut simultaneously across select theaters and VOD on January 23. For now, you can share your early impressions of Kate Barker-Froyland’s latest drama in the comments section below.

Oscar® winner Anne Hathaway (INTERSTELLAR, LES MISERABLES) stars as Franny in SONG ONE, a romantic drama set against the backdrop of Brooklyn’s vibrant modern-folk music scene. After Franny’s musician brother Henry (Ben Rosenfield, BOARDWALK EMPIRE) is injured and hospitalized in a coma following a car accident, Franny returns home after a long estrangement and begins to use his notebook as a guide to how his life has evolved in her absence. Franny seeks out the musicians and artists Henry loved, in the course of her journey meeting James Forester (Johnny Flynn), his musical idol, whose success and fame belie a shy and private man. As a strong romantic connection develops between Franny and James, the question becomes if love can bloom even under the most adverse circumstances. The film also stars Oscar® winner Mary Steenburgen (THE HELP) and features original music composed by Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, and live performances from Sharon Van Etten, The Felice Brothers, Dan Deacon, Paul Whitty, Naomi Shelton and Elizabeth Ziman.

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