Here’s What Your Love For Keanu Reeves Means, According To Science

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As if headlining another John Wick, joining a treasured franchise like Toy Story, and making waves in a hilarious cameo appearance in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe wasn’t enough for one summer, Keanu Reeves‘ character’s earning just as many accolades. His demeanor with female fans has made him a standout icon in the wake of the #MeToo movement, and all of this has even combined to create, yes, another online petition (which I even signed).

But there’s something special about the Keanusance. And there’s even an argument to be made that this summer’s the standout in Reeves’ long-and-winding career, as media-consumers flock towards his kindness and generosity – two characteristics absent from a lot of today’s celebrities, political and otherwise.

While The Matrix star may not be exactly sure why the internet’s crushing over him (which many interpret as another display of humility), a recent article on Parade went into the details of what that crush actually means. And author Lisa Lombardi’s got science to back her up.

Before we break this down, this information applies to all your celebrity crushes. So, if Keanu isn’t your type, fill in the blank with your rich pretend partner.

As you surely know by now, you aren’t the only person to ever feel attracted to a star. It’s obviously quite a common occurrence, and apparently, according to research scientist Bianca Acevedo out of the University of California, there’s a good reason for it.

“Simply viewing a celebrity can produce feelings of reward, focus and pleasure,” Acevedo explains. “Celebrity crushes can be relatively safe—they won’t reject you. You can experience pleasure, idealize them, admire them and delight in the pleasure of not having to do much.”

Well, unless you’re a special, Rupert Pupkin sort of person, that’s certainly true. We hardly ever have to do anything to maintain our celebrity relationships, and it’s easy to envy the simplicity of that bond. With that said, however, these sorts of innocent fascinations actually help our interactions with our real partners.

“[A celebrity crush] gets you to think more about where you are in your life, and how you can stimulate some of these feelings again for your partner,” explains Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist. “You feel more alive.”

So yes, apparently Keanu Reeves helps us find the better person in us all.

Take it as you will, but regardless, we want to know your thoughts. If it’s not too personal to ask, which celebrity are you crushing hard on? I say this with confidence having already informed my girlfriend, but Anne Hathaway’s top notch in my eyes. And there might even be a little man-crush on Clint Eastwood…