New Love And Thunder Theory Explains Why Fat Thor Won’t Be Returning

Thor Ragnarok

One of the highlights of the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame double header was Thor’s journey, and while his portlier incarnation turned out to be a huge hit with fans, it wasn’t played entirely for laughs. After all, seeing your homeworld and half of your population wiped out would be enough to drive anyone to despair, never mind the fact that the God of Thunder felt personally responsible for the Snap after failing to go for Thanos’ head.

Chris Hemsworth brought the perfect mix of comic timing and pathos to a character that has been through the wringer during his decade as a key component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but despite how popular Fat Thor turned out to be, it seems unlikely that he’ll be sticking around for his fourth solo outing in Love and Thunder, if only because Hemsworth seems to be hitting the gym with a vengeance in preparation for shooting.

A new theory explains in greater detail why the Odinson will be back to his chiseled best, and it makes complete sense in the context of his narrative arc. According to ScreenRant, the God of Thunder lost himself in carbs and alcohol after being wracked by guilt by his own perceived failings, and hit rock bottom before an encounter with his mother during Endgame‘s time heist restored his confidence and belief.

Part of the reason why Fat Thor worked so well for Avengers: Endgame is that it came as a complete surprise. Obviously, repeating that won’t be possible a second time, creating one more reason why Fat Thor needs to be a one-and-done story in the MCU. Instead, Thor: Love and Thunder should do as Taika Waititi discussed and offer another change for the character. It’s important for Thor to continue evolving as his story progresses. If Thor is out adventuring with the Guardians in space, getting into action on a regular basis could easily get him back into fighting shape.

Having saved the universe and found new companions in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor will theoretically be firing on all cylinders by the time we meet him again in Love and Thunder and that renewed sense of optimism, as well as his friendly competition with Star-Lord about who’s in charge, should see him back in prime physical condition.