Lucasfilm Interested In Developing More Non-Canon Star Wars Projects

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The Mandalorian incorporating characters and making overt references to events that unfolded in The Clone Wars and Rebels tied the live-action and animated corners of the Star Wars universe closer together than ever before, establishing that the long-running sci-fi saga is indeed one grand tapestry.

However, recent Disney Plus debutant Visions hasn’t been acknowledged as official canon just yet, with the nine shorts operating independently of the established mythology. Of course, not everything has to be connected just because that’s the approach that turned Marvel into the biggest game in town, and if anything more creative freedom is an acceptable substitute to having a project boxed in by narrative constrictions right from the off.

In a new interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, Visions executive producer and Lucasfilm executive James Waugh revealed that he’s open to developing more non-canon Star Wars content that isn’t beholden to the rest of the live-action and animated slate.

“It’s something we are interested in. The reason we approached Visions as it was is we wanted to empower specific creators within their process and medium. So much of the stuff you see in Visions… the specificity of anime as a medium justifies a lot of the storytelling. So do I think we could do more none-timeline storytelling? I think under the Visions framework, absolutely. There is a certain joy in having celebratory content that is removed from the gravitas of the canon. We’ll have to see what the fandom wants.”

While Waugh’s comments appear to lean heavier in the direction of multiple Visions seasons rather than new movies or TV shows telling their own Star Wars stories unimpeded, the reception from critics and audiences to the short film anthology series so far makes it perfectly clear that fans would love to see more unique adventures.