One Lucky Fan Can Get Paid $1,000 To Watch A Star Wars Marathon


For anyone who’s into Star Wars (there are probably one or two out there somewhere, right?), the idea of getting paid to sit around and watch the films in their entirety seems like an impossible dream. Well, that dream is about to become a reality for someone.

To honor The Rise Of Skywalker being released on December 20th, the people over at are holding a competition in which one lucky Star Wars fan will get the chance to watch all the movies back-to-back and get paid $1,000 for the privilege of doing so. What kind of mad world is this where devotees can get money to watch their most beloved franchise? It’s this kind of world, apparently.

According to the company:

We’re looking for an entertaining Star Wars junkie with a Chewbacca-sized personality, the wit of Han Solo, and the smarts of Master Yoda . . . well okay, maybe not that smart.

So, how does one achieve this magnificent goal? The first thing you need to do is head over to the competition page linked at the bottom of this article. Once you’ve done that, simply fill out the Google form – including 200 words about why you think you should win –  and away you go.

There are some notable caveats to the contest, though. It’s important to point out that it’s only open to U.S. citizens who are 18 and over. The winner must also have an active Twitter account and be willing to tag Cable TV’s account.

There are additional perks as well, including receiving all the Star Wars films on Blu-ray, a Chewbacca onesie and an R2-D2 Popcorn Popper. The website also says you can watch the films in any order of your choosing, which they say includes “every canon movie,” totaling 22 hours and 25 minutes.

Finally, you have until December 11th to enter and and the winner must complete the task before the release of TRoS. Good luck!

Source: Cable TV