Luke Evans’ Long-Gestating The Crow Reboot Hopes To Start Shooting Next Year


After simmering on the brink of development for almost two years, producer Ed Pressman (American Psycho, Wall Street) confirmed that the rebooted version of The Crow is aiming to enter production in spring of next year, with Luke Evans still on board to play the iconic lead role.

In an interview during the opening night of the Abu Dubai Film Festival, Pressman spoke briefly with The Hollywood Reporter about the long-gestating project, claiming that the property still has a considerable fanbase even to this day.

“We’re doing a new Crow film. We’re doing a whole reinvention of The Crow, which will be starting next spring. It’s developed. We have the script. We can’t say who’s starring in it, but we have one. It starts shooting in the spring. It still has a big fan base even though it was so long ago. But the generation today doesn’t even know The Crow.”

Should Pressman remain true to his word, it’ll be interesting to see how contemporary audiences take to Eric Draven’s tale of gothic revenge. The producer has since described the character as the “anti Spider-Man” given the original tale of Draven’s guitarist-turned-superhero, but the jury’s still out on whether the cult horror can replicate the success of the 1994 original.

A decade ago, it was the late Brandon Lee who embodied the titular character, with Alex Proyas behind the camera. For this rendition, however, it seems as though audiences will be able to see a whole new side of The Crow that are yet to be explored. In fact, Luke Evans even went so far as to say that, during pre-production, the creative team wanted to focus on parts of the story that the ardent fans wouldn’t be so familiar with.

With no news of casting at this time — other than Luke Evans’ resounding commitment — there’s not much information regarding the modern take on The Crow. Nevertheless, you can tell us whether you feel there is still an appetite for Eric Draven’s character in the comments below.