Luke Grimes Joins Antoine Fuqua’s The Magnificent Seven Remake


MGM’s remake of the 1960 gun-totin’ Western The Magnificent Seven is bringing aboard fresh meat to fill out its sizeable roster of characters. So far the stack of actors tapped to star include Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio and Haley Bennett. From what’s been revealed up to this point the first three are likely to play part of the titular seven with D’Onofrio up for the baddie role and Bennett cast as the widow who kickstarts the entire shebang. That leaves another four bodies needed to round it up to seven, and American Sniper‘s Luke Grimes looks like he’s ready to go into battle.

Fuqua’s version of John Sturges’ iconic sixties original will revolve around the inhabitants of a small town after the Civil War. When an entitled mining baron (D’Onofrio) saunters into view, he sets about having his way and before long violence breaks out. Following the murder of her husband in one of those skirmishes, a widow (Bennett) seeks out the help of a vigilante (Washington) and his gang to drive out the bad guys.

As mentioned above, Washington’s troupe will come to the aid of the town and one of those in his employ could indeed be Grimes. In Variety‘s report no mention is made of his character but we’d hazard a guess that the Fifty Shades Of Grey star will be saddling up alongside Washington, Hawke and Pratt to bring about justice.

The Magnificent Seven launches into production this summer.