Macaulay Culkin Addresses Rumors Of Home Sweet Home Alone Cameo

home alone

Disney Plus revealed the first trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone yesterday, and a surprise cameo by Devin Ratray’s Buzz McCallister confirmed that it’s following the modern phenomenon of combining the sequel and reboot into one nostalgia-filled package.

Naturally, the promo was almost immediately trending online, but it had nothing to do with the movie itself. Instead, fans were either blasting Home Sweet Home Alone for becoming the fourth Macaulay Culkin-less sequel to arrive in a desperate attempt to keep the franchise alive, or people were demanding to know whether he’d be joining his onscreen brother in making a guest appearance.

Culkin is known for his strong social media game, so it wasn’t long before he addressed the speculation. As you can see below, his answer is hardly one that’s going to bring much in the way of festive cheer.

home sweet home alone

Of course, Hollywood is notorious for having talent deny to the death that they’re part of a certain movie or TV show, only for them to show up in the end anyway. Knowing how skeptical social media users can be, a lot of folks will be crossing their fingers for a Culkin cameo right up until the credits come up on Home Sweet Home Alone.