Macaulay Culkin Trends Following Home Sweet Home Alone Trailer

Home Alone

More than 30 years later and Home Alone remains as popular as it ever was, with the holiday classic embedding itself into popular culture and refusing to leave since hitting theaters in November 1990, where it went on to earn $476 million at the box office on an $18 million budget and turn Macaulay Culkin into an international star.

The sequel fared almost as well, with the first two installments combining to bring in well over $800 million globally, but the franchise has been stuck in a VOD rut ever since, with a further trio of unconnected sequels arriving in 1997, 2002 and 2012.

Disney Plus has now thrown its hat into the ring, with the first trailer for upcoming original Home Sweet Home Alone debuting yesterday. Fans weren’t entirely sold on the promo, but as you can see below, Culkin found himself trending almost immediately afterwards.

home sweet home alone

Devin Ratray is set to cameo as Buzz McCallister, but that’s the only connective tissue to the original Home Alone that’s been confirmed so far. Home Sweet Home Alone is a Disney-branded holiday movie, so it’s guaranteed to draw in family audiences, but the chances of it being a patch on Culkin’s beloved outings as the mischievous Kevin remain slim.