MacGruber 2 Is Currently Being Written


By all accounts, MacGruber was a failure. A feature comedy born out of an SNL sketch, the film couldn’t even make back its budget, not to mention it received a lashing from critics. However, in the years since its 2010 release, it’s found itself amassing a pretty large cult following, and now, it seems that we’ll be getting that much requested sequel.

We’ve had a few updates over the years on the status of the film, but with nothing concrete seeming to emerge, many thought that a MacGruber 2 was nothing but a pipe-dream. Putting paid to that idea is a new Tweet from Jorma Taccone, who penned the original. If we’re to believe what he’s showing us, then it seems that the wheels are finally starting to turn on the sequel.

As noted, it’s a “super duper rough” draft, but it’s still something – and fans can at least breathe easy knowing that they haven’t seen the last of MacGruber. What they don’t know, however, is how Taccone plans to bring him back. No plot details have been released just yet, but from what we’ve heard, Will Forte, Ryan Phillippe and Kristen Wiig will all return to reprise their roles.

Of course, the film still needs to find a studio to distribute it, which could be tough given the original’s abysmal box office performance. Crowd-funding could be one way to go, but at this point, it’s too early to say which route the sequel will head in.

For now, all we can confirm is that MacGruber 2 is currently being written and hopefully that means it’ll be making its way into theatres sooner rather than later.

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