First Look At Mackenzie Davis In The Terminator Reboot


Mackenzie Davis, star of The MartianBlack Mirror and Blade Runner 2049, will play a key role in the upcoming revival of The Terminator opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. That much we know.

Said to be the face of the rebooted franchise, Davis will step into the shoes of Dani Ramos (Sarah Connor 2.0?), a “young woman in her early 20s from Mexico City.” It’s a character who’s also been described as a “strong, independent” person who always manages to find a ray of light even in the darkest of circumstances. And if that doesn’t sound like a compelling lead, we don’t know what does.

Now, with the film in production over in Madrid, Spain, the first set photos have arrived and reveal Davis looking bruised and dirty, with scars across her arms and chest. What those are from obviously remains unknown, but this is our first glimpse of the actress in character and it’s certainly intriguing. Not to mention that we’re sure with shooting now underway, we’ll be getting a lot more set photos to pour over sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere on the Skynet servers, the other week brought forth our first look at the returning Linda Hamilton, who’s prepped and ready to reprise as Sarah Connor, leader of the Resistance and one of the most beloved characters in all of modern cinema. No pressure, then.

Said to ignore all films post-Judgment Day, not unlike the forthcoming Halloween sequel from Blumhouse and David Gordon Green, The Terminator officially boots online November 22nd, 2019, where it’ll likely face stiff competition from Wonder Woman 2 and Disney’s Frozen sequel. Something tells us though it’ll have no trouble causing a storm at the box office, especially since James Cameron is back on board as producer here.

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