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Major ‘Armor Wars’ update inevitably ignites Iron Man hopes and dreams

Not everybody wants to see Robert Downey Jr. return.

iron man war machine
Photo via Marvel Studios

Disney Plus series Armor Wars had spent so long in development without moving forward that many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were wondering if it was even going to happen at all, and while Don Cheadle’s long-awaited debut as a franchise leading man technically isn’t heading to streaming, the project did get what could be deemed a huge upgrade.

Instead of being an episodic exclusive, Armor Wars is being refitted into a feature-length blockbuster, which many have interpreted as a substantial improvement. Naturally, though, it didn’t take long for the speculation to begin making the rounds that the reason why the comic book adaptation has been transplanted to the big screen revolves around James Rhodes’ longtime best friend.

In fact, ever since Armor Wars was first announced, it’s been heavily speculated that Robert Downey Jr. was in line to reprise the role of Tony Stark, albeit in a voice-only role as the artificial intelligence powering Rhodey’s armor. Sure enough, the talk has ratcheted up several notches in the aftermath of the movie reveal, with folks now hedging their bets like never before.

It technically wouldn’t disgrace the climax of Avengers: Endgame were RDJ to voice the AI in War Machine’s war machine, and if anything it perfectly suits the character we’d all come to know and love across the Infinity Saga. After all, what better way for the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist to get the last laugh on his BFF than giving him constant snark right in his ear as he tries to save the world on his own for a change?

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