The Avengers Could Be Getting A Surprising New Member Soon

Avengers: Infinity War

Game of Thrones fans were thrilled when it was revealed that co-stars Kit Harington and Richard Madden would be sharing the screen again in The Eternals, although their characters couldn’t be more different. Madden is playing the all-powerful Ikaris, while Harington will be the only major human among the ensemble.

His Dane Whitman might be a mere mortal, but thanks to the power of a mystical sword he becomes the Black Knight, which puts him on a more even playing field with the rest of his immortal alien teammates. Having a regular Joe be part of the intergalactic squad presents a relatively straightforward method of connecting The Eternals with the rest of the MCU’s earthbound heroes, and a new report from insider Mikey Sutton claims that Black Knight might even end up becoming a member of the Avengers in the future.

“Until scripts are written, members won’t be solidified yet but the Black Knight, whom Marvel Studios has high hopes for with The Eternals, is looking like a sure thing,” says Sutton.

Of course, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are already in the midst of a drastic personnel change following the events of Avengers: Endgame, and there are plenty of slots currently open and no shortage of candidates to fill them. According to Sutton’s report, Marvel want the next iteration of the team to involve heroes that can protect the streets and the skies, as well as the many alternate realities set to be introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Black Knight’s status as a human with close ties to The Eternals would mark him out as a sensible addition given that his extensive comic book history has seen him act as both an enemy and ally to the Avengers over the years. We’ve previously heard that the idea was being discussed behind the scenes at Marvel, as well as there being the possibility that the character could even get his own solo movie at some point, too. And Sutton’s latest scoop only lends weight to the speculation.